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Dell A2024 All-In-One PC

2012/3/4 11:47
From Germany
Posts: 160

I have some problems with this computer. I got it for less than 100 Euro and it'S a nice device with a 24" 1920x1200 display. Specifications:

- Core 2 Duo E7200 2.53 GHz, upgraded to Xeon L5430 (4x 2,66 GHz, 12M L2-cache, 50W TDP)
- 1,5 TB HD
- 4 GB RAM (actually single channel)
- GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB (MXM2 card, ID 0x649)
- Intel ICH10 SATA AHCI Controller (2 ports, one for 3,5" HD, one for DVD)
- Realtek ALC262 Audio
- Intel 82567V-2 Gigabit LAN
- Broadcom 4328 WLAN
- Bluetooth
- LSI Firewire controller
- Ricoh card controllers
- integrated Logitech keyboard/trackpad + mouse controller
- FINTEK eHome Infrared Transceiver
- Webcam
- WLAN and DVB-T on Mini PCI-Epress-cards

In OSx86 the most things are working except the video card, it only works in VESA mode. It seems to use the G92 chipset which should be supported by AROS.

But there's no way to test it. I downloaded the Icaros Desktop version 2.2.1 DVD. It takes rather long until GRUB is initialized, after selecting an option there's some text output and then the image 'Waiting for bootable device' appears. I always get the grey screen with a triangle pointer. That's whats happening when I boot in AHCI mode:

Default: A Software failure pops up:

Program failed
Task: 00586A940 - Boot Mount
Error: 0x80000004 - Illegal Instruction
PC: 0xF000F0A4
Wait for disk activity to finish


After selecting 'Suspend' nothing happens anymore. Other modes result in a DOS window which lists lots of C: commands with the note 'not found'.

I've tried now IDE mode, this may work. However, I have to switch back to AHCI later, for Windows and OS X.

Another thing which is best to know before the final installtion: I have 60 GB free for AROS, the second primary MBR partition. I want to removed it to partition it manually with HDToolBox. Now there's the question: I'm using the Clover bootloader from OSx86. It's compatible to Windows and Linux, but I don't think to AROS. If select GRUB during the Icaros Desktop installation, it will be written in the MBR. But there's Clover, with an own 128 MB partition in the HFS+ filesystem. Linux allows to install the GRUB bootloader in its own partition, is this possible with AROS? Then it would be possible to add it in the Windows bootloader with EasyBCD. I had then to leave a 128 MB partition (or what's neccessary for GRUB and AROS Kickstart) install it there and let the rest empty for AROS.

Is there a command to install the AROS GRUB on a partition format which is readable by Windows?

Greets, RC.

Posted on: 2017/9/16 13:35

Edited by RC_tech on 2017/9/16 14:21:56
Edited by RC_tech on 2017/9/16 14:24:08
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Re: Dell A2024 All-In-One PC

2012/3/4 11:47
From Germany
Posts: 160
So, booting in IDE mode works, but the installer doesn't detect the free space on the HD. Installing on USB is also not possible, it crashes when it should start formatting.

I have a Icaros Desktop 2.02 beta DVD which results sometimes in an error of the Intel Management Engine, which brings a red warning message and ejects the DVD.

At least it is now possible to create an 2.2.1 USB system, I hope the USB installer script works, so that I can boot later without DVD in AHCI mode.

EDIT: The Installer from the 2.2.1 DVD copied just 225 MB. I could run the installer script, but the stick is not bootable.

Posted on: 2017/9/16 15:46

Edited by RC_tech on 2017/9/16 16:25:36
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Re: Dell A2024 All-In-One PC

2007/3/13 15:52
From West Midlands, UK
Posts: 957
I've found formatting USB sticks to be very hit and miss. It's been a while since I did that, but here's some notes I made for myself the last time I managed to do it successfully:

(1) Wipe partions off disk with Linux partition editor; put on MSDOS 'disk label' but do not add partion.
(2) Do Install AROS with 'use free space'; DO NOT remove USB before 'Use existing AROS partitions' (with format).
(3) After install, reboot machine.
(4) May loose partition format but will keep partition structure; if so, redo 'Use existing AROS partitions' (with format).

I just used a Linux live DVD for part (1).

It does rather sound like your AROS does not like your machine's SATA chipeset. I've recently bought a machine for which the SATA chipset was not recognised at all; I had to buy a SATA/IDE PCIe card to allow hard drive access. Does you machine have any free PCI or PCIe slots?


Posted on: 2017/9/18 10:07
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Re: Dell A2024 All-In-One PC

2004/10/30 17:13
From Ireland
Posts: 2809
IIRC the PARTITIONNUMBER argument to C:Install-grub2-i386-pc installs the GRUB bootblock on a partition. Linux GRUB can also boot AROS (there are threads here about it).

Posted on: 2017/9/18 14:12
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Re: Dell A2024 All-In-One PC

2012/3/4 11:47
From Germany
Posts: 160
I also noticed that Windows showed an EFI bootloader, although in the manuals nothing was metioned about EFI. If anyone knows if AROS supports the GeForce 9600 GT Mobile I was thinking to install it to an USB stick, which is permanently attached. This should solve the SATA problem. I already have used the partition for Linux and Android-x86.

ntromans: This is an All-In-One PC with a setup similar to a laptop. It has two free Mini-PCI-Express-cards, one for WLAN and one for DVB-T. I removed this card, but there's very less space above it. I'm thinking of using an Mini-PCI-E to PCI-Express x1 port adapter with a flat ribbon cable, this is probably the most flexible solution.

It would be great to get this thing working with AROS, not only because it's my only computer which has a Geforce card, it looks nice and the display is great.

Posted on: 2017/9/19 11:33
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