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Re: Packet manager

2012/4/16 8:41
From Brindisi (Italy)
Posts: 1248
If you are few you can not go on several fronts, you have to make a choice "the best" to do only that.

Posted on: 5/4 3:24
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Re: Packet manager

2010/5/18 11:49
From Italy
Posts: 1046
there is a lot of work to do

Posted on: 5/4 3:54

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Re: Packet manager
Guest_No Account

paolone wrote:
From my point of view, using a packet manager would be good to manage what's not mandatory to let a distribution be THAT distribution. For instance, it would be helpful to selectively install what's today included in the Live! version of Icaros Desktop, and it isn't in the Light one.

However, from my experience, I learnt that very seldomly software 'just works' once unpacked and copied into a new drawer.

Oddly, that is the very claim often given as a reason _not_ to have a package manager on AmigaOS - that software "just runs when extracted", when it is no more true than software on any other platform. It just ignored the dependancies and other factors involved - the stick your head in the sand and pretend it doesnt exist attitude to the reality of software maintenance.


Many programs still require some ironing (and our broken Installer tool does not help) and my concern is that once you let the Packet Manager deal with them, users will get a not-working program which requires them to perform "obscure" activities on the system. Moreover, I wonder why exactly I should use a packet manager at all, since I am the one deciding what's in and what's out. And where. Otherwise, you don't need a distribution (almost) at all.

My experience is the opposite - because we have no package manager people already have to do obscure maintenance and configuration, and once a large amount of software is installed it becomes tedious finding what is out of date or even installed - and where. It is not user friendly in the slightest, and unmanagable on systems that have a lot of software installed.

p.s. - yes you do decide what goes in your distribution, but it is not "AROS", and doesnt dictate what software users may use on their platform. It would be much more preferable for users to have to only update changed components in an easy manner, than to have to install a whole distribution each time a minor change or small additions occur to it.


As for the ABIv1 32bit matter, I have to repeat myself for the Nth time: time is precious, and according to statistics my life already lasted more time than the one I still have to live. I won't waste any minute of it to build a completely pointless PC oriented AROS distribution that won't take advantage for the bare minimum specs of current hardware. I have already spent hours of my life trying to convince people AROS is good, and to do that I asked many people to port things, to help me some way, to code something I am not able to, and I won't repeat the whole effort for a dead-end platform which currently lacks both stability (ABIv1 may change again in the future, until written on the stone) and applications. If I'll have to, I will do that only for something that will be future-proof enough. ABIv0 is a dead end too, but at least it has plenty of software to play with.

Remember: distributions are for USERS, not for developers.

No one forces you to do what you want in your distribution, but please dont try to disuade discussions about things for AROS based upon what you want in your distro, or what effort you want to put in to maintaining it.

Posted on: 5/4 13:47
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