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AROS laptop up for sale

2007/4/16 6:26
From Norway
Posts: 4183
I have 2 DELL Latitiude D520 laptops. 1 is for sale.
Condition is good but there is no battery. It has to be connected with power cord or you can buy a new battery on e-bay or something if that is important to you.
This laptop is very solid and made much better than most laptops. A real tank that you don't see so often anymore where everything so slim. This laptop is very quiet and does not get warm in a way that feels unconfortable. All this is a quality sign that probably will give this laptop a very long life. Not to mention Intel CPU that in my experience is much more durable than AMD. The intel 3D chip is quite weak but good enough to play games like Quake 3 with fps that is more than good enough if the resolution is not set to high. On the plus side this 3D chip does not generate much heat and is therefore quiet and durable. The 2D hardware accelleration is real good. I huge step up if you are used to VESA mode or never tried AROS with 2D accelleration.
This is very noticable even browsing web-pages.
Another + that you don't find these days is 4:3 screen.
As you probably are a Amiga fanatic this is what you want for classic gaming, demos and and stuff.
The power cord is US type but as every laptop is switch mode power supply it is just a matter of adapter for UK or European power connector. That you can find on e-bay for 2 Euro if needed.

Core2Duo 1,66 GHz. Very fast CPU on amigalike system.
This CPU is even good by todays standards.
1GB ram. You can upgrade easily to 2, 3 or 4GB but 1GB is in most situations plenty for AROS.

Hardware 2D and 3D gfx supported. Sound supported. USB ports supported.
You can also connect this laptop with VGA output to a screen. I connect mine sometimes to my CRT monitor for classic gaming. That looks real nice.

There are some videos in the link bellow to see AspireOS in action and some of them is with this laptop. This is the laptop I prefer for my time with AROS. It is way faster that lets say "ACER aspire one 110" Atom based.
Web-browsing is very compatible thanks to Odyssey web-browser. M-Player play all kind of media files and Amiga 68k emulation works great at least with games and there are many other emulators to play with like MAME, FPSE (Playstation 1) emulator, C-64 and many more. There are even some native programs only for AROS. There are lot's of games and programs to play with.


This laptop is fully supported by AROS if you change the WiFi card. That I have done so it is ready to be used with your Wireless network.
The laptop has US keyboard but if you like other keyboard language I have found someone that sell original keyboards for this laptop in many languages so I would have to buy it and change if you want that.
I will also change the HDD to SSD as this is a huge upgrade. I have already bought a very fast Kingston SSD 60GB that I will install if someone buy the laptop.
AROS will be installed with my distribution - AspireOS.
I will give you a usb-drive with AspireOS installed as a backup drive.
I will even install a new CMOS battery so that will not be a problem for at least another 10 years.

The price is 225 Euro without changing keyboard.
If you like other keyboard it is 255 Euro.
If you are a developer and will develop something for AROS I give you 50 Euro discount.
Any options is + shiping. I guess it will be around 40 Euro depending on destination. If you live in Norway it will be 20 Euro. I will not earn or loose anything on shiping so it is what it is. Value I put low on package. PayPal is what I would prefer as payment. It will be packed real good so no worries about damage traveling with post.

If you are interested you can pm me here or send mail to nik-tom(at)online.no (replace (at) with @).

Posted on: 9/13 2:07

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