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#16 Re: Amigacoin
dipsomania Posted on: 2015/8/10 14:06
Hi, I completely forgot this my old post. In the meantime there have been many news, however I've added some services lately:
_ status page http://www.amigacoin.org/status.php
_ blockchain explorer http://www.amigacoin.org/blockinfo.php
_ online wallet (beta version) http://www.amigacoin.org/wallet/index.php
... and also you can support Amigacoin with your votes in this marketplace: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/HomeAction/Voting

#15 Re: Amigacoin
phoenixkonsole Posted on: 2014/6/14 5:25
Here are my offerings:

price for AEROS Plus for Pi download version is:
105000 Amigacoins
Pizza (medium size) + Cola costs 250000.
5€ donation to a power2people.org bounty costs 150000 (70€ budget right now , 05 of june 2014)
500 indieCoins cost 75000 AGA

I will make some offerings in the coming weeks at www.amigacoding.de which are more or less meant as donations.

A wallet for all amigans will be introduced later.

If you start mining...
please use "poolamiga" not obfuscode.net!



#13 Re: Amigacoin
phoenixkonsole Posted on: 2014/6/1 7:39
: )
"using" = "wanting"

Using is meant as "using as primary payment method" not mining.

#12 Re: Amigacoin
magorium Posted on: 2014/5/31 2:15
The more People use them, the higher the value against bitcoins?
Is this correct?

afaik that works counter-effective. the more a particular coin is available the less value it gets. The more exclusive, the higher the value.

It's the nr of people that actually _want_ the coin that drives the value. Economics 1 on 1 ?

#11 Re: Amigacoin
phoenixkonsole Posted on: 2014/5/31 1:57
Hmm.... Theoretically we can exchange amigacoins with bitcoins (i mean treading) how is the worth measured? I Don' t get it : )
The more People use them, the higher the value against bitcoins?
Is this correct?

#10 Re: Amigacoin
dipsomania Posted on: 2014/5/29 2:02
Hello at all,
After a lot of time I have some news:
_ new wallets for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platform;
_ added a trading site where you can exchange Amigacoins with others crypto-coins (https://www.cryptoaltex.com);
_ added a new pool site (http://aga.obfuscode.net);
_ here (http://cryptotrends.info/AGA/faucet) you can get some Amigacoin for free (or just ask me if you want furthermore free coins);
_ working on AROS version of cpuminer (http://perniolagi.altervista.org/AROS_cpuminer.png) and after I'll try to port the wallet on this OS.

#9 Re: Amigacoin
phoenixkonsole Posted on: 2014/3/12 12:22
Quote from your link:

"Bitcoin is the third democratization. The first was the Internet, it enabled the democratization of information. The second democratization started with 3D printing, it’s the democratization of manufacturing where factories become obsolete. "


Delete human history prior internet : )

Also good:
"“Bitcoin isn’t a tulip, it’s a torrent. It is to finance what Napster was to copyright – and if this one is stamped out, another one will appear.”

Ahhh and this gives a feeling of security.

I would like a finance system as defined in star trek.. everything else sucks : )

The amigacoin idea is neat. I changed amicoins to indiecoins since ami sounded to americano to me and amiga is not quite usable in my context.
Whatever my indiecoins are no p2p currency but more or less a subsidized bonus-system.

#8 Re: Amigacoin
coolcat2012 Posted on: 2014/3/12 12:02
an incidental article
(just for ilustrate, i really didnt agreed or disagreed on it)
http://thenextweb.com/insider/2014/02 ... platform-currency/#!zskvh

#7 Re: Amigacoin
dipsomania Posted on: 2014/3/12 4:33

Yes, I thought that about Amiga/AROS community. All people work for free like volunteers, because Amiga doesn't have a market - just few fans - unfortunately. Instead, if we begin to exchange each other these Amigacoins (for example, "paying" a developer who made a software porting) and it starts to get some "real" value (very soon I'll try to subscribe it on some markets for cryptocurrencies) then many developers may be encouraged to work on Amiga systems. More developers -> more interesting software -> more users -> more real money -> more powerful hardware -> more Amiga in the world. I think we should take different ways if we want that Amiga stays alive, it has been done too little and too late since Commodore's failure. I don't want to be presumptuous, of course, but I'm realist and our situation isn't very good.


Yes, it's just a name... but I think Amigacoin makes a sense for some reasons: most Amiga users have slow PCs - now mining Bitcoin/Litecoin isn't possible (cause by their very high difficulty), unless you have a very powerful x86 cpu and gfx card (like latest Radeon HD/Rx 200) - and a new cryptocoin with very low difficulty (like Amigacoin) can be mined more easily on low spec. computers (I mean x86 platform - for example old Pentium 4, Core Duo 2, etc. - PowerPC are too much slow and we don't have optimized drivers for latest gfx cards yet). Also it's pointless buy some Bitcon/Litecoin and try to put them in Amiga community, because one our fundamental problem is the lack of real money. I chose the name "Amigacoin" to try to advertise Amiga platform outside our community, few people remember it (only A500 or A600 in lucky cases).

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