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Aros 1.0.2. impressions

2006/1/9 10:49
Posts: 76
Ok, first to thank many of you; reading forums helped me a lot to make aros work properly... ehh... almost properly :)

I installed aros native, dual boot on my 900MHz, 256 MB PC, ATI Radeon 9550, one 80GB hard disk (3 partitions; 2 for XP and 1 for AROS) and DVD drive. If someone is interested how it works, here it is:

- Installation uses a totally idiot-proof method; if you just accept default values for everything (like i did), aros will install perfectly. 2 years ago, i formated my disk as
c: 20 GB
d: 50 GB
unformated: 7 GB (i did that waiting for aros or linux)

Unformated part is recognized by installer and used for AROS! GREAT stuff.

- Now, the worst thing; 1-1.5h waiting for installer to copy zillion of small files. As installer will not ask you anything, just leave it and go to a coffee somewhere. Note: my XP installs in about 40mins.

- Second worst thing happened; i had to update from 1.0 to 1.0.2. ; so, another 45mins of waiting! Arghhhh...

But... It is worth. From GRUB menu, i need 10 secs to have fully loaded OS.

- what you first see is amistart; works great, have many options and you might set just a few. I changed only 2 of them; turned off the help bubbles and turned on that it auto-closes when you click outside amistart (like in XP). Doesn't work perfect, but better than default.
- Default VESA mode is slower than native ATI. But is more stable.
- ATI: if you set your screen mode to 32 bit, mplayer will not work. But, 16bit works good, window opaque movement is fast and you can even put windows outside the screen! Niiiicee....
- I can watch Divx file for upto ie 500x400 pixels w/o problem. Bigger resolutions causes framedrops.
- Fullscreen is not working as it should; as i see, if you watch ie 700x500 px movie, mplayer will open 800x600 pixels new screen and the rest is filled with black borders. If you zoom video, ie. using ' -x 800 -y 600', than mplayer will zoom it to full screen, no black borders, but with heavy framedrops.
- Don't set cache; when i do that, mplayer freezes. Dunno why.
- Also, you will hear some crackles from speakers while watching movie. Probably ac97 is not supported that good.
- DVD can't be watched on slow pc's. I guess than there is no H/W accelerated video playback and i hope it will be made REALLY soon! That way, many users might want to try aros on their old machines and continue to use it as second OS. Without it, noone outside the comunnity will get impressed.
- My c-media AC97 integrated audio chip works in 1.0.2. But... sometimes it blocks for no reason. Once you make it work, DO NOT change AHI prefs or you might get in trouble (i did).
- ArosAmp (mp3 player) behaves really weird; close gadget doesn't work, you must use 'quit' from menu. But it plays.
- Half ( and maybe even more) of preinstalled software is totally useless! Boring games, some speed-meters etc... They will crash your aros as a tower made of cards! You are warned.
-However, demos are nice. You can even watch ie 400x300 divx with all these demos running.
- AROS cannot read data from your XP partitions
- Just for aros, i bought Kingston USB flash; however, it doesn't work and freezes aros the moment i plug it in. I tried everything; USB legacy on/off, loadresource ohci and uhci... but no luck! I should buy 10 beers and a pack of cigarettes for that money
- The system is VERY, VERY responsive; most of programs loades in about only 1-2 SECONDS! Amazing!
- My A4Tech mouse doesn't work when plugged in USB port; but in serial port, works good. However, i don't know how to make it use wheel and third button.
- I couldn't test internet programs because i use adsl Modem, not router. I called my ISP telling i want to replace, but they ask me for ~12 euros. Will consider that; i like aros, but beer is also good
- File copying using drag-and-drop is very buggy; it can easily freeze aros and it happens at random. I use Dopus for that.
- Appicon doesn't work; i tested it with Dopus, no appicon appeared.
- Amistart has very nice feature of hidding/opening windows. Try it, works just like in XP and is good replacement until appicon is fixed.
- Zune is semi-supported. Ie. you cannot change preferences for it which is kinda weird thing. I really like MUI and if aros doesn't go to MUI like in MorphOS, i don't believe that aros will impress ppl like MOS does.
- I loaded (included) WebKit and it is useless on slow pc's. about:blank loades too long, no menu options etc. I really hope that OWB has proper rendering as for comparison, Firefox works great on my slow PC. I really expect even more speed from AROS.

- Is it worth? Oh boy.. it is! Last time i tried aros installation (1 year ago), it totally screwed my system. Now, it is easy as it should be.
- Will you get impressed? I got pissed of many times until i setup my system; it kept reseting every 2 minutes of work. Now, it is pretty usefull and if i get router, i might it even use it as primary OS. I use my computer ONLY for webbrowsing, mail and movies. Nothing more than that, i don't even watch youtube clips, but flash would be nice addon for OWB.
- JAVA? No java, and i don't think that any system actually needs it. I mean; who would like to slow his system down by using emulator (oooppss... virtual machine) when he can use native, much faster, programs? Even on my XP i don't have JAVA installed, i don't need it.
- USB... Arghh... This one is a pain in the ass. I am really tired of burning DVD's just to transfer data from XP to AROS.

- Do you need to install it?

I will answer it by question: you didn't do that already?!?
Believe me, you should try native AROS as Qemu is tooooo slow and liveCD is totally useless! Installation is way too simple to not try it; just make backup and go for it (but you must have unformated spare partition). I only backuped my PHP programs as i work that for living, the rest you can download from Internet. Mozilla, Total Commander etc... are free and if something goes wrong, just reinstall XP and download them again. Simple as that, and worth the risk and time.

Now, off to play a bit more with AROS. Sorry for too long text, i hope this will encourage ppl to try it native.

Posted on: 2009/3/7 4:24
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Re: Aros 1.0.2. impressions

2007/9/21 1:18
From Munich/Germany
Posts: 294
Hmm, i have very similar experiences with vmwAros, so let me tell you... ;)

I started installing AROS on Thursday, but had no luck. I even didn't get to the actual copying of data to my HD. I think my problems came from using SFS as the system FS, and the manual states that we should use FFS for the system partition. Well, RTFM. Maybe it wouldn't be bad, to make FFS the default option in the installer dialog then.

When I did things exactly like stated in the manual, and used another harddisk (AROS didn't like the one i tried first, told me somethign about writing to bad blocks, if i remember correctly) everything started to progress just fine, but boy, did it take time... Around three (!) hours later, i had AROS installed, and was ready to check it out.

I had a linux hosted AROS in action around one and a half years ago, and that was the last state that i have seen. I have to say I am impressed by how good vmwAros works. It's nice to see that Ken Lesters Icons are used, and Amistart looks beautiful as well. With a few switches and tweaks , i would say, that AROS is the most pretty OS I have had so far. Yes, i even prefer it to Mac OS X, but that may be only me. ;)

Wish I had a screenshot i can show you, it looked really gorgeous.

Again, I was impressed by the elegance and simplicity of Amiga OS. You notice I haven't used any Amiga systems for a long time, just a little bit of WinUAE from time to time.

I noticed quite some flaky programs. Sometimes programs didn't startup, sometimes everything crashed. All in all, this is a quite usable system now.

One thing that really itches me though, is, that AROS didn't restart/reset correctly on my machine. I had to reboot the whole machine. I wouldn't complain about programs crashing sometimes, if AROS just boots up in a few seconds, but the process of booting up the whole machine takes a little bit too much time for developing, i guess.

I am looking forward to the next version of vmwAROS with OWB, and I am currently looking to build up some machine for exclusive AROS use only to install it onto.

Thanks for the work, guys.

Posted on: 2009/3/9 3:52
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Re: Aros 1.0.2. impressions

2006/1/9 10:49
Posts: 76
Yes, occasional crashes happens, for no reason. What is strange is that aros behaves different from time to time; sometimes mouse doesn't work, sometimes only the wheel doesn't work or everything is OK.

What is also funny; i start 2 or even 3 divx files. If all of them are shown, frames are skipped. If i hide 2 (but leave them to play) and leave just 1 mplayer opened, all is ok. It looks like my 900MHz cpu has enough power to decrunch 3 divx files, but putting them on screen is horribly slow.

Posted on: 2009/3/9 13:14
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