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Bounty : Real Unity: Directory Opus Magellan II for all Amiga and Amiga-like systems.
Posted by kas1e_ar on 2012/3/19 2:54:44 (10745 reads)

There has been a fair amount of talk recently about unity and co-operation between all of the Amiga camps (OS3, OS4, AROS and MorphOS). Many of us are tired of the divisions that cause many arguments and slow down progess. What we'd like to see is more co-operation between developers and users, just like we had in the good old days.

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Bounty : Bounty 54: Zune Enhancement Assigned!
Posted by deadwood on 2012/3/4 22:41:25 (4737 reads)

The bounty has been assigned to Krzysztof Smiechowicz. The goal of the bounty is to implement the missing functionality in Zune so that Odyssey Web Browser can be compiled on AROS and has the same set of features MUI-wise as on MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.

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Bounty : Bounty: Purchase of CM8738 AHI driver
Posted by Senex on 2011/7/21 4:00:00 (5511 reads)

A Bounty project has been initiated to purchase the source-code of Davy Wentzler's AmigaOS 4 CM8738 AHI audio driver for free use under APL in AROS.

Currently, 147 USD have been donated, required are 150 EUR. Bounty will be paid after integration "as is" (i.e. for AmigaOS 4, not ported to AROS) into the AROS SVN.

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Bounty : Kickstart ROM Replacement (Phase I) Bounty Assigned
Posted by deadwood on 2010/10/14 10:25:40 (5269 reads)

The Kickstart ROM Replacement (Phase I) bounty has been assigned to Jason McMullan. The bounty aims at enabling AROS to build for m68k Amiga system. This part does not include binary compatibility with existing m68k Amiga applications. The deadline for this work is 31st December 2010.

Jason has been working behind the sceenes for some time and now he has started adding compatibility changes directly to AROS source code tree. For the time beeing he built the kernel and now is working on getting OCS driver implemented.

The bounty details and donate page can be found here

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Bounty : Zune Enhancement Bounty opened!
Posted by ShInKurO on 2010/9/16 2:29:40 (2744 reads)

Zune is an open source implementation of MUI which is included in AROS project, it is compatible with MUI3.8 APIs and it has some features which are missed on MUI3.8. In the latest years Zune was ported from AROS to AmigaOS3, and so the only MUI registered features and Zune modern features can be used on OS3 for free.
Zune is even ready to be ported on AmigaOS4.

Many OS4/AROS/OS3 users are interested to have software like OWB-MOS and Ambient on their systems, but these software use new API of MUI4, so the better way to have these software on OS4/AROS/OS3 would be to have MUI4 on these systems. Even many developers waited to have MUI4 API avaible for all Amiga systems.

However MUI author seems not to be interested to do a port of his latest framework version to OS4/AROS/OS3, so only MorphOS users can use these software and only MorphOS developers can use MUI4 for their software.

This new bounty is opened to goal Zune MUI4 compatible. In a similar form Zune can give to their users software like OWB-MorphOS and Ambient with few work on system where Zune is avaiable.
To third parts developers a Zune MUI4 compatible would give an easy way to write their software in a easy portable way between different Amiga flavours without too much work because they could use a only powerful framework API instead to workaround different behaviours of MUI3.8/MUI3.9/Zune.


Please donate!

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