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Kalamatee, more...
As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
Ended at 2012/6/20 12:40
True 70 % 70 % (118)
False 19 % 19 % (33)
Say What? 9 % 9 % (16)
Total Votes: 167
Total Voters: 155

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/14 13:21  Updated: 2012/3/14 13:21
Joined: 2011/6/30
Comments: 4095
 As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
I voted it to be true, but actually this is not really the case. And i mean that in both ways

I use the icaros distro for almost a year now on a daily base and it suits me atm. I foremost use it to edit/compile sources (and ofcourse test my code) and surf the web once in a while. I have Icaros running on a dedicated machine and AROS (nb) in Virtual Box for tinkering.

So for me it is enough atm. and it was never a toy OS for me to begin with (To be honest it was when aros booted off floppy for the first time, but that is a loooooong time ago). So the "say what?" option should have been more appropiate i guess

On the other hand, i do realize the usage i have is not always enough for everyone. I perfectly understand a music artist, graphics artist or an editor for that matter to find shortcomings in AROS. I guess for a regular user it just lacks some software and/or support for specific hardware to be really and/or fully enjoyable. Some of those lacking features really are basic things for endusers (such as copying accross devices).

That being said, AROS still is alpha software and for that, it is very usable and things will only become better.

Personally, i'm very interrested to see other programming languages come to AROS, so that the software base can grow faster. Hence my (little) involvement with freepascal. For me it's already pretty easy to take an original amiga source from aminet and convert it in such a way to let it run on AROS.

And let's not forget those who put all efforts in to port software and games to AROS. imo it really shows the real power of the AROS operating system in what it can establish (playing e.g. quake is astonishing to see). Although i have to admit that playing those games under AROS is a different feeling then playing them on my miggy. I still haven't figured out for me what exactly causes this to be so.

No doubt that when the userbase of AROS grows, these kind of things like rewriting/porting/creating new programs and games will happen more often and faster.

In that regards, i am very impatient to see what AROS can do for Natami and what Natami can do for AROS I think this is more a trail-by-fire for AROS just like running aros on original 68k machines.

Following AROS the last couple fo years, i get more of a feeling that things finally seems to come together, like networking, printing, ui and soforth. If you watch it on a daily base it perhaps is going painstakingly slow for some, but we can see the results more and more in new updates of the distributions AROS has. I'm also eager to see what the 68k distro of AROS will bring us.

It's just a matter of time before AROS is taking over the world \o/\o/

just 2 cents,

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/19 5:11  Updated: 2012/3/19 5:11
Joined: 2004/3/30
Comments: 1265
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
I agree that AROS is not a toy OS anymore. If we in the future
get enough open source software ported over to it I see no
reason why it couldn't be my preferred OS even when working
on my hobbies.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/21 5:52  Updated: 2012/3/21 5:52
Joined: 2012/3/17
Comments: 15
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS

If we in the future
get enough open source software ported over to it

Why don't just run Linux instead ?

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/21 14:47  Updated: 2012/3/21 14:47
Joined: 2005/9/3
From: Colorado, USA
Comments: 750
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
Why don't just run Linux instead ?

Because Linux hogs a lot of memory and resources that AROS doesn't. Linux is slower too.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/6/14 16:34  Updated: 2012/6/14 16:34
Joined: 2012/6/9
From: Spain
Comments: 66
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
Because Linux hogs a lot of memory and resources that AROS doesn't. Linux is slower too.

AROS is slooow tooo , compared to AmigaOS 4 on SAM440EP 667 MHz PPC :(

Author Thread
Published: 2012/6/16 10:31  Updated: 2012/6/16 10:31
Joined: 2005/8/16
Comments: 152
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
I'm sorry but AmigaOS 4.x on SAM440ep computers is really crawling. Trust me.

Author Thread
Published: 2013/3/7 2:43  Updated: 2013/3/7 2:43
Joined: 2013/1/15
From: Marseille
Comments: 211
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
linux is slower and taked more memory because it is more stable...
sorry it is this opposite :
linux is more stable and this is why it uses more memory !

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/27 0:15  Updated: 2012/3/27 0:16
Joined: 2004/3/30
Comments: 1265
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS

Err ? Why wouldn't you want open source applications on a open source OS ?

I'm actually using Windows (not Linux) but every time a new application
gets ported over then there's one more possibility for me to not boot
into Windows.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/30 12:53  Updated: 2012/3/30 12:53
Joined: 2010/10/7
Comments: 687
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
Let's stop toying around. :D
Icaros 1.4 is soon to be on 3 of my computers.
I hope for more stability.
More graphics power than cores is okay too.

Thanks to all the Devs. that work on Aros.
I like Aros because:
1. Amiga like.
2. Seems easy to install software on it.
3. Seems simple in structure.
4. I know it does not have multi-core capability but it shows that it can still run well on one core. A good video card and a good cpu match are worth having.

5. Open Source ( This can be good and bad depending on how one looks at it )
6. Aros Licence does not seem to keep commercial ventures from using Aros. It seems hard to get into software dev. these days.

7. A boat load of cool developers, maybe a car load. Hey put that beer down. :D

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/24 13:47  Updated: 2012/3/24 13:47
Joined: 2007/3/13
From: West Midlands, UK
Comments: 957
 AROS ts NOT a toy!
Hey I`m Naomi, Nigel`s daughter and I`m only 10 so my comments won`t be as compex cuz I don`t do any programing well not without dad telling me what to do! LOL! Ok back too the point well I think that AROS isn`t a toy because I mean toys are considered as things that when you turn it on or get it out of it`s box your constantly playing games with it and you become addicted to it although when dad gets a new gadet he seems to be constantly be playing games with it to get it to work!

Ok back to the point again-I`m easly distracted as you can probably tell! I mean I confess I do use AROS for gaming too but I do use it for serious reasons aswell! I mean I use it for writing my own little stories, which Dad said he would publish on one of those publishing sites (who knows when that`s gonna happen)! I also use AROS for looking things up on the internet for general school or school prodjects and stuff!

Ok so that`s why I think AROS is NOT a toy! Ok I`m Naomi Nigel`s daughter and please reply if you want to! !


Back to me... Naomi said she'd like to upload a post and I thought it might be worthwhile showing that it's not just us old 'uns who remember the Amiga back in its heyday that are getting use out of AROS.

Nigel & Naomi.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/3/25 16:07  Updated: 2012/3/25 16:07
Joined: 2008/2/4
Comments: 823
 Re: AROS ts NOT a toy!
Hey Naomi, it was nice to read your post, I hope you keep having fun with AROS.

More and more people are finding they can use AROS for what they want to do. Are there gaps in the software base? Yes, but it's all too easy to focus on what's missing and forget to celebrate what we do have. So let's keep our spirits up and keep this game going, the gaps in the software library should only get smaller and smaller.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/5/11 12:55  Updated: 2012/5/11 12:55
Joined: 2004/3/29
From: Scotland "The Cold"
Comments: 2087
Ive never considered it a "toy" os - though I like to toy about on/with it. For this reason I havent voted =/

It has changed considerably over the lasts 7 years, with every year bringing new exciting improvements - I just hope it keeps improving and evolving in the same fashion into the future ...

Author Thread
Published: 2012/5/27 11:43  Updated: 2012/5/27 11:43
Joined: 2005/7/8
From: Norway
Comments: 429
 First fix the gui
Many features of AROS doesn't work right yet. But it is getting close. But because basic functions are still buggy, I would still call AROS a toy OS.

Some things needs to be done before it can be called a serious end-user OS:

1. Fix Zune (it's very broken)
2. Fix Wanderer or replace it with something complete (Wanderer coughs if there are a couple of hundred files in a folder).
3. Fix public screen management
4. Fix intuition, so we don't need hacky "decor" type patches to make it pretty

Basically, just make it complete for the end user. Core devs could know that there were lots of libs not finished etc, but make it complete in use..

DOS didn't require much to be a complete OS, but AROS promises a bit more. Once it has stabilized and at least implemented the four above, I think it is time to move out of the alpha/toy state.

ABI v1 is a little hinder.. But perceivably it is easily overcome, as long as the distributions move along with it and devs update / recompile their software.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/6/1 11:23  Updated: 2012/6/1 11:23
Joined: 2011/3/15
From: London
Comments: 897
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
It's never been a toy!
I would put it this way:
'As of now AROS is no longer a hobby OS'

Author Thread
Published: 2012/6/4 21:24  Updated: 2012/6/4 21:41
Joined: 2012/3/4
From: Germany
Comments: 160
 Re: As of now AROS is no longer a toy OS
I don't vote yet. AROS is on the right way, but there's too much missing.

Most important is better hardware support for graphic cards, audio chipsets, laptop support (power management battery, lid), Bluetooth, Firewire and Floppy capability - an Amiga-based operating system must have access to original Amiga disks. Hardware drivers are most important, it seems a lot of guys are focusing on converting games. But what if you convert Doom3 but don't have 3D drivers for it? There is also the problem of Advanced Sector harddisks with real 4K sectors - HDToolBox has to support these, all modern high-capacity harddisks are using this format. New 512 byte-sectored drives are difficult to get. To the driver situation - I'm remembering the times as the development of OSx86 began (my first version was 10.4.5 AMD) there was nearly nothing, but it went on quickly, now there are so many drivers available, it's incredible. But there are probably some ten-thousand coders, here it's only a handful.

On the software side are also a lot of things to do. Wanderer has some options missing, ReqTools preferences also don't work, which is very annoying. Frequently used Amiga software (ToolsDaemon, CygnusEd) are not converted yet. Actual software, (OWB, Editor, maybe others) don't make use of screens. It was *THE* special feature of AmigaOS to keep the Workbench clean. Why is this feature not used anymore? Samba file sharing must be fully working. Another very important missing feature are links, all modern operating systems use these. The 'makelink' command doesn't work correctly now.

A question: How are the most people coding? Everyone by himself with another editor? Maybe it would be useful to create an unique coding system which can produce 68K, Intel and PPC code based from the same source. A**le's XCode also could produce Universal Binaries for Intel and PPC, maybe it would be possible to create a coding system which could create code for Classic 68K, AROS, MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 from the same source. Some additional libraries could be used as bridge between the differences of all AmigaOS variants. Creating something like this would be a hard task, but I think everyone understands how useful it could be. We already have two interchangeable languages: AmigaDOS and ARexx. But that's not enough to get real applications.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/6/13 9:02  Updated: 2012/6/13 9:02
Joined: 2004/4/6
From: Liege Belgium
Comments: 102
 Say what?
I will not troll.

Author Thread
Published: 2012/12/11 22:13  Updated: 2012/12/11 22:13
Joined: 2012/4/28
From: Sweden
Comments: 205
 Not a toy
Not a toy no. But perhaps Aros needs more "toys" for the users to play with.
Small but useful utilities like
File shredder, Keymap editor, Internet and network tools up to todays "standard"
Picture file converters, Movie format converters and such.
And I belive aros needs a few of each to meet the crowd out there.

Aros is way more stabile than the old amiga ever was. But still give the good old feeling of an amiga os. I use Aros quite a lot on a dayly base and only use my pc for things not yet avaiable for aros. And for every new "software toy" I tend to use aros more and more.

Half of the fun is to se Aros developing step by step and to interact with the people around Aros.

Author Thread
Published: 2015/1/20 11:57  Updated: 2015/1/20 11:57
Joined: 2015/1/2
Comments: 168
 Re: Not a toy
I believe icaros is not a toy! But I also believe after all the updates and features it should not have floppy support period.

Author Thread
Published: 2015/8/8 23:49  Updated: 2015/8/8 23:49
Joined: 2015/1/2
Comments: 168
 Re: Not a toy
I mean no offense to this...but right now aros where it stands with me is a toy OS. List of reasons why I cannot take it a very serious OS at the moment:

1) Still in alpha stage and super buggy
2) Hard to make it run on all hardware and when it refuses to run or work on things it is almost impossible to fix it, again goes back to 1
3) It supports very limited hardware and video card
4) Lacking in essential and useful software like OpenOffice, Skype, and so on. I don't want to list them all here because I would be here till tomorrow.
5) Does not have good memory protection and lacks security. Even Windows 10 have better security than AROS and anybody says otherwise is simply lying and there is no evidence to back your lie up no matter how hard you try.
6) Lacks drivers for peripherals such as cameras, printers, etc. For example, the cam in PeePC while it is there it is useless and unusable in icaros because icaros don't see it
7) Lacks up to date browser that supports youtube, html5, etc.

I mean comparing MorphOS and AROS I would say MorphOS is NOT a toy and if more devs come to MorphOS it would easily be the next Linux. While the same can be said to aros/icaros and I don't deny it...and can easily say at that point if more devs come to aros/icaros it could be the next Linux...AROS/ICAROS itself needs lots and I mean lots more work done on it to come even close to the stability of MorphOS and be a trusted not toy OS.
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